Four different research institutes of the University of Natural Resources and Life Science are involved in „Future of Urban Food“.

The Division of Organic  Farming leads the project and analysis the current situation of the Viennese Urban Agrofood System as well as the social acceptance of different food habits.

Research team

Bernhard Freyer (Univ. Prof.)

Valentin Fiala (Dr.)

Marta Lopez-Cifuentes ( Dipl. Ing. Mag)

Katharina Hagenhofer (MSc)

The Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Economics quantifies the agricultural – economic impacts of different food habits.

Research Team

Michael Eder (Ass.Prof.)

Fritz Wittmann (Dipl. Ing.)

The Institute of Social Ecology quantifies the biophysical impacts of different food habits.

Research Team

Fridolin Krausmann (Univ. Prof.)

Christian Lauk (Dr.)

Michaela Theurl (Dr.) (currently on leave)

Lisa Kaufmann (Mag.)

The Institute of Sustainable Development analyses past and possible future transitions for the Viennese Urban Agrofood System.

Research Team

Marianne Penker (Univ. Prof.)

Christina Gugerell (Dipl. Ing.)

Elisabeth Schauppenlehner-Kloyber (Dr.) (involved until fall 2018)

Research Team: The Future of Urban Food